Ron de Graaff

Ron de Graaff LL.M has more than 40 years experience in consulting for pharmaceutical and medtech companies. He is the founder of Seijgraaf Consultancy in 1985, located in The Netherlands. Furthermore, he is one of the founders of the Agora Network and the IHC Consulting company in Switzerland. Ron has focussed his professional life on health insurance and health financing issues as well as dental care and reimbursement of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Ron is a senior expert in issues of DRG financing (or in Dutch DBC) in the Netherlands. Over the years he has advised more than 600 private and public sector health care providers, insurers and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, giving advice mainly in the field of strategy and policy structures, related to and resulting from the finance structures of the Dutch healthcare system (over 2,500 projects). His past duties involved: Chairman of Umbrella Organization of Medical Technology in the Netherlands (SOMT), Chairman of the Dentists organization ANT, Chairman of a regional patient organization and various advisory roles of the Dutch Healthcare Authority and the National Reimbursement Authority.