About Us

Seijgraaf Consultancy is the perfect party to answer all your questions in the area of reimbursement and market access in healthcare in the Netherlands and other European countries. Our company combines a thorough knowledge of healthcare systems with many years of experience.

Seijgraaf Consultancy ~ since 1985 ~ helps with strategy determination and offers support in creating market access for services and products in healthcare. Market access aiming at accomplishing reimbursement or else return on investment.
Strategy development for answering questions such as how, why and what.

Our Dutch team:
Astrid Dijkstra and Carla de Graaff, office management
Bob van der Kamp LLM
Ron de Graaff, LLM
Peter Janse, MSc
Bob Dikkeboom, MSc
Ineke Spee, MSc
Frans van Andel, MSc, MPH, PhD
Saeed Sadighi, PhD

Seijgraaf Consultancy works with many partners in the Netherlands and Europe.
Our international cooperation takes place through our daughter IHC Switzerland in Montreux with Werner Neubrand, PhD. IHC Switzerland works with many partners in- and outside Europe.

Over 600 unique clients since 1985