Seijgraaf BV

Seijgraaf BV, since 1985, helps organizations to get and keep their products or services in the reimbursement system. Based on the information obtained we can make a plan on how to obtain the reimbursement and we can take care of the execution to obtain the reimbursement. We can help with all parts of the process of obtaining or retaining reimbursement.

In cooperation with partners, a comprehensive questionnaire has been developed with relevant questions. Answers to the questions enable the rapid development of a strategic approach. The collaboration with partners is shaped in Maxinsight BV.

In 2022 Seijgraaf became a partner of Tesseract BV. The goal of Tesseract BV is:

To provide an end-to-end value chain solution for the Global life science and medtech industry and be the one stop shop high quality partner, ensuring an optimal strategy for a successful market entry, considering all relevant facets, including country-specific market access and reimbursement parameters.

For Tesseract, Seijgraaf is responsible for European market access and reimbursement. For the Dutch market we work together with several partners.

Seijgraaf has made the Swiss company IHC Switzerland sarl responsible for market access and reimbursement for the other European countries. This company works together with partners all over Europe.